Organically Maine Grown Cannabis Company

Walking the High Road to Sustainability

Our Mission through Cannabis

OMG is here to share the love for plants, people, and planet earth. We partner up with like-minded, local family-owned businesses to bring to you the best quality cannabis Maine has to offer. We are committed to spreading love, raising awareness for environmental issues, and combating the stigma around cannabis through education. Come visit our sustainably built Portland shop to learn how we minimized our carbon footprint while building one of the most beautiful stores in the historical Portland Old Port.

Welcome To OMG Cannabis Co.

We pride ourselves on making the experience at OMG Cannabis Co. as comfortable and enjoyable as we can. Taking a look around you’ll see that our inspiration is local, quality, and eco-friendly. From the Maine photographers and artists’ work showcased on our walls, sustainable bamboo flooring, to the reclaimed and recycled building materials, we focused on creating a space that encapsulates who we are.

Meet Our Valued Customers

Where most businesses have a typical customer, we don’t. OMG Cannabis Co. is proud to cater to all types of THC and CBD users over the age of 21. From the traditional dab smoker to the CBD Essential Oil dropper, our staff will be happy to direct you to the section of our store that fits your needs. For our customers who prefer solo browsing, our locally-sourced display tables are designed with product information incorporated. With you in mind, our team is always nearby and ready to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in being knowledgeable in all things THC and CBD; from the technical, “How many milligrams of CBD in a drop of tincture?” questions; to the connoisseur typical questions such as “what is your most potent or flavorful flower/dab in store right now?” No matter your age or experience level, OMG Cannabis Co. will right-fit you with our top quality products.

OMG Cannabis Shop Southern Maine

More Than Just A Cannabis Store

The motivation behind establishing OMG Cannabis Co. is to share in our love for the planet through the incredible cannabis plant. Everything we do, including selecting building materials for our facility, is with sustainability in mind. Creating a clean and inviting atmosphere is the first step in sparking a meaningful conversation to find your next favorite strain, edible or THC-infused drink. OMG Cannabis Co. invites you to learn more about our foundation and team, here.

OMG Cannabis Co. Shop in Portland, ME

The Classroom You Always Wanted

Portland, Maine is known for its progressive culture, which is why OMG Cannabis Co. couldn't have chosen a better location. We were meticulous in finding each material and design piece for our storefront, staying conscious of our message. We appreciate that everyone comes from different backgrounds and believe education is the key to our collective future. We also believe that growth is promoted through teaching. Meet our local team, and see how OMG Cannabis Co. can help you.

OMG Cannabis Co. Merch

Wide Selection of Top Quality Products

To preserve our love for cannabis, we only carry the highest quality THC and CBD products, which allows our customers to have peace of mind while shopping with us. While we do work on our own cultivation, we also work with names like Sweet Dirt and Schoppee Farms to stock our shelves with clean, consistent products.

OMG Cannabis Co. Logo

Always Offering A Helping Hand

OMG Cannabis Co. is available to answer any questions, no matter how trivial you may believe it is! If there’s something you’d like to know before heading in to meet us, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Being accessible to our customers is a top priority for OMG Cannabis Co. We can’t wait to hear from you! Join our new OMG VIP loyalty program to earn 5% cash back on all OMG purchases, enjoy exclusive deals and events, and get priority access to limited-release products.

Now offering wholesale Cannabis with Our Premium Strains.