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OMG Cannabis Co. would like to shout out to the following local brands for cultivating top shelf products and for their efforts in meeting the needs of our customers! We love working with Maine cannabis companies and look forward to expanding our meaningful long-term partnerships.

Our cases of trusted CBD products would not be possible without the work of these amazing brands:

Premium Products Backed by Our Commitment

OMG Cannabis Co. opens every day with the intention of bettering the cannabis shopping experience for everyone. We believe this starts with the products we offer. At this time, we strictly work with partners who align with our business ethics to offer a variety of strains and products. In the near future, OMG Cannabis Co. will be proudly offering our own products from our advanced cultivation facility alongside products from our partners. We are proud to be able to offer premium products from Sweet Dirt, Jar Cannabis Co., Grass Roots, and more names that you’ve already come to know and trust.

Quality Over Quantity

Since there are so many cannabis brands these days, we could have filled our store with all kinds of products. Instead, we chose to align ourselves with businesses that share our passion for Maine cannabis. Our shop is committed to quality, and sustainability, and offers products that are representative of that. We can’t wait to offer our own OMG Cannabis Co. products, until then please explore the fine cannabis products from our valued partners!

Choosing OMG Cannabis Co.

In the heart of Portland, Maine you can find a cannabis store every few streets selling flower and extracts, but none with our inclusiveness. We set ourselves apart by truly caring about the environment and the plant we cultivate, offering not only THC but several display cases full of CBD products. This goes beyond our love for cannabis, we want to reduce the giant carbon footprint we leave as an industry and as humans.

We put our heart and soul into our new eco-friendly microgrowery. Coming to our Portland boutique and to selected retail partners across Maine, expect OMG’s premium small batch flower to be available in spring 2022. In the interim, we are extremely proud to be partners with Maine’s best cultivators and manufacturers, and to offer the widest selection of top shelf  cannabis Maine has to offer.

Standing Out at OMG Cannabis Co.

There's a lot of passion behind our new store. For each of us, our love of the planet and cannabis started at a young age; and we couldn't be happier to share our dreams with all of you. Our tight-knit team members are soldiers for sustainability and quality. OMG Cannabis Co. invites you to join our journey from the start and learn about our growing, innovative, and eco-friendly business.

Empowering our Customers

Knowing where your cannabis comes from is important. Though we are working tirelessly to finish our cultivation, we have consciously researched our current partners to ensure we provide you with quality Maine products. OMG Cannabis Co. prides ourselves on creating an atmosphere conducive to asking questions and advice. Visit us to experience the difference yourself!

Our Door is Always Open

Even though we have business hours for you to come browse and purchase in person, you can checkout our inventory online anytime. We’ve done our best to provide you with an insight to our business and answer commonly asked questions about OMG Cannabis Co. Whether it’s in store, online, or via phone, we aim to ensure a friendly, transparent experience for every customer. Give us a call today!